But don't worry, because the VMECwiki is being moved over to BitBucket. While not all features are mirrored, the vast majority of information on these pages has been copied over there. For this reason the VMECwiki has ben switched over to write-only. Please use the bitbucket wiki in the future.


NCSX VMEC Free boundary run with coils

The VMECwiki is designed to provide user documentation for various equilibrium magnetic confinement fusion codes. It is the goal of this wiki to forward the development of fusion science by bridging the gap between 'scientific' and 'engineering' approaches to software. This is achieved through coherent documentation of codes with regards to their purpose, usage, and capabilities. Each page contains relevant information regarding the theory behind each code, input formats, execution, output formats, visualization, and tutorials. Members encouraged to participate in discussions (tab at the top of each page) and to contribute to the pages themselves. The wiki is not a repository for codes. It is suggested that authors upload their codes through external sites designed to handle such capabilities. Pages are maintained by organizers and members are encouraged to make commentary and provide content through the discussions on each page. To learn more about VMEC please see the pages below and check out the VMEC Users Group page. If you are new to using Wiki's please see the New User Page.

Please note that accounts are only necessary if you wish to EDIT the pages.