The VMECwiki Guide

This page is designed to help users new to using wiki's. A wiki is a collaborative tool for information exchange. A wiki centers around the idea of a website that can be edited by multiple people with provisions for revision control and collaboration. To give you a quick idea, the people at CommonCraft have provided a video.

The VMECwiki is hosted by WikiSpaces. At the top of each page you'll find the following tabs: PAGE, DISCUSSION, HISTORY, and NOTIFY ME. The PAGE tab features a pulldown menu with options for a given page. The DISCUSSIONS tab provides a web board like forum for discussions about a given page. This is useful for questions and information exchange that may be relevant to a given page but not necessarily useful to the general audience. The HISTORY tab allows for revision control of a page. Here you can find out when a page was edited, what was changed, and who changed it. The NOTIFY ME tab allows you to set preferences for notification of changes to a page or discussion.

At the very top right corner of the page you will find a Help link. This link provides useful information regarding how to use more advanced features of our wiki. For information on wikitext please see the following link: .