VMEC Users Group Mailer - October 1, 2010

VMEC Users,

A few things to report on this month. The VMECwiki (http://vmecwiki. pppl.wikispaces.net/) has gotten the 'green light' from PPPL. The lab will be having Wikispaces (http://www.wikispaces.com/) host the lab's Wiki's in their cloud. There are various technical details that still need to be ironed out this month but the VMECwiki site should go 'live' in October. This means much of the content will be available without signing in. A few people have successfully registered (including Steve Hirshman, who was please with the site). If you have not been able to register (or can't) please stop by my office and we'll straighten up getting everyone registered. A co-administrator from PPPL will also need to be named per PPPL requirements for any wiki. The latest MATLAB routines for VMEC visualizations can be found on the cluster at /u/slazerso/zip/matlabVMECv0. 96.zip . This version address an issue with 3D plotting of flux surfaces, adds the LPK (Long-Poe Ku) plot of the outer most flux surface for three toroidal angles, and attempts to address an issue with label placement in the GUI under Windows. The last fix hasn't really been tested on my end so comments would be appreciated. Additional MATLAB routine for visualizing the fields produced by the XGRID routine have also been developed and are in testing. Also I've been working extensively with DIAGNO and will be packaging up a new version soon which should streamline the process of using it for reconstruction. A copy of this email will go up on the VMECwiki under the VMECUG link.
-Samuel Lazerson PPPL